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JQ original remote controls

Original remote control JQ KMK01 (Y10187R)Original remote control JQ KMK01 (Y10187R)Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor 22CWLE, 26L43LCD, Y 10187 R, 26LCD57X, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, PL9106PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHD, ...Remote control for JQ Y10187R (GNJ0150)Remote control for JQ Y10187R (GNJ0150)Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor 22CWLE, 26L43LCD, 26LCD57X, Y 10187 R, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, PL9106PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHD, ...Original remote control JQ RCL6B (ZR4187R)Original remote control JQ RCL6B (ZR4187R)Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor ZR 4187 R, 26LCD57X, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, PL9106PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHDREADY, ...Original remote control JQ Y10187R (FS 2605 BE)Original remote control JQ Y10187R (FS 2605 BE)Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor F 766 LCD, F 782 HD, BTFT 3211 HD, TVL 2601, 37BKLCD, TVL 2601, HY 32L95 LCD, XP 4254 W, XTV 3054, PDPJQ 4202 (ver. 2), ...Original remote control JQ C4A187FOriginal remote control JQ C4A187FNot available(see available equivalences)JQFor LCD 1520 KLTNN, 20VL63G, NR 20 CD LE5, 22CWLE, 26L43LCD, Y 10187 R, 26LCD57X, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, ...Original remote control JQ ASR100GIIIOriginal remote control JQ ASR100GIIINot available(see available equivalences)JQFor TV 29 RFM 3, CRTVJQ 2901 F, NKV 21 RF 6, REN 29 SF 02, RENC 21 S 01, SL 2104, SL 2106 RF, UTV21X73PFM, UTV 8029 PA, ...Original remote control JQ REMCON009Original remote control JQ REMCON009Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor KPDP 42, HQP 421 SR, PDPJQ4202, KELC 4299 TOriginal remote control JQ ZR4187ROriginal remote control JQ ZR4187RNot available(see available equivalences)JQFor PDP-42, PDP42PEB43, PDP4202, PDP42SDEXT, PDP 42 PTE, PDP42TV003, PDP4210, PDP42B43, PDP 42 PPS, 30LCD1SW, 42NXLPIPP, TV 42", ...Original remote control JQ 510-320AOriginal remote control JQ 510-320ANot available(see available equivalences)JQFor LT-20 Q5 LF, LT-32 Q5 FH, LTVJQ 4001, 40 M 8911, LT-40H5, LT-32 HLFHOriginal remote control JQ RC25EOriginal remote control JQ RC25ENot available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTCUB 26, LTCUB 32, LTCUB 3701, LTCUB 4201Original remote control JQ E-120Original remote control JQ E-120Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTVJQ 3701, LTVJQ 4201, NEO-3702 TS, MW161, SUP2823, MW160Original remote control JQ HVP-10Original remote control JQ HVP-10Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTVJQ 3702, LTVJQ 4002, PDPJQ 4204Original remote control JQ REMCON288Original remote control JQ REMCON288Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTVJQ 2002, NK-LT 2003 AOriginal remote control JQ REMCON476Original remote control JQ REMCON476Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTVJQ 2601, LTVJQ 3201, NSDD 3220 P, JQLCD320-1Original remote control JQ ST-06KOriginal remote control JQ ST-06KNot available(see available equivalences)JQFor BTC 1416, BTC 2016, H2TV14C, H2TV21C2, CRTVJQ 2001, KE CR 2061, KECR 2163, KECR 1461, T 2090, T 2190, N 1514, N 1401 C, ...Original remote control JQ REMCON690Original remote control JQ REMCON690Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor LCD 32 XPLEXI HDMI, LTVJQ 3202, LCD 32 HDROriginal remote control JQ REMCON796Original remote control JQ REMCON796Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTVJQ 1501, LTVJQ 1901Original remote control JQ 510-400AOriginal remote control JQ 510-400ANot available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTVJQ 2003Original remote control JQ ST-06ROriginal remote control JQ ST-06RNot available(see available equivalences)JQFor CRTVJQ 1401, S 1401 C, S 2001 C, S 2101 C, KECR 2061 (ver. 2), T 1490, NKV 20 C 2, NKV 21 C 2, N 1411 C, ...Original remote control JQ RE-038A06Original remote control JQ RE-038A06Not available(see available equivalences)JQFor LTCUB 2001
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