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Nexius original remote controls

Original remote control REMCON428Original remote control REMCON428Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor NX-C 1491 B SEOriginal remote control RC 2183 (313P10821831)Original remote control RC 2183 (313P10821831)Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusOriginal remote control 2500 (S040030040)Original remote control 2500 (S040030040)Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor 28 FNW, W 3250 SEOriginal remote control NEXIUS RC 5ROriginal remote control NEXIUS RC 5RNot available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor NX-C 2125 SE (ver. 2)Original remote control NEXIUS RC2550Original remote control NEXIUS RC2550Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor SLIM SILVER 6 CHOriginal remote control NEXIUS RC2540Original remote control NEXIUS RC2540Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor NX-DVD2700VEOriginal remote control NEXIUS RC1541Original remote control NEXIUS RC1541Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor 15 LCD-TFT SILVEROriginal remote control REMCON222Original remote control REMCON222Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor NX C2125 SE, NX-F 2125 SEOriginal remote control 8500Original remote control 8500Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor 32 HNX, NX-F 2920 SEOriginal remote control REMCON930Original remote control REMCON930Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor 28800, NX 2850 SE, NX-C 2825 SEOriginal remote control NEXIUS REMCON942Original remote control NEXIUS REMCON942Not available(see available equivalences)NexiusFor M 170 T, MK-TLC 17 SOriginal remote control MULTIVISIONOriginal remote control MULTIVISIONNot available(see available equivalences)NexiusPhoto not availableOriginal remote control NEXIUS RC35 4SNot available(see available equivalences)NexiusOriginal remote control N18Original remote control N18Not availableNexius

Replacement Nexius remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Nexius 076NOGE040Replacement remote control Nexius 076NOGE040Available in stock21.90 € (VAT included)NexiusFor 076 NOGE 040Replacement remote control Nexius 1940Replacement remote control Nexius 1940Available in stock21.90 € (VAT included)NexiusFor 1940Replacement remote control Nexius 2500Replacement remote control Nexius 2500Available in stock21.90 € (VAT included)NexiusFor 2500Replacement remote control Nexius 2501Replacement remote control Nexius 2501Available in stock21.90 € (VAT included)NexiusFor 2501Replacement remote control Nexius 28FNWReplacement remote control Nexius 28FNWAvailable in stock21.90 € (VAT included)NexiusFor 28 FNWReplacement remote control Nexius 2850SEReplacement remote control Nexius 2850SEAvailable in stock21.90 € (VAT included)NexiusFor 2850 SE
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