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Remote controls PRINCESS

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Princess original remote controls

Original remote control PRINCESS X65187R-2Original remote control PRINCESS X65187R-2Not available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor X65187R2, D4T000 (14E1T46TS), D1B000 (14E1T56TXSILVER), EC1000 (14T46TXM), KK20T57TXS, TVB9935S, PM1121XBS, TXTV051SI, ...Original remote control PRINCESS L8Y187ROriginal remote control PRINCESS L8Y187RAvailable in more than 4 weeks32.75 € (VAT included)PrincessFor AB 280 WS, AB320WS, X64187R, 14B9TM01SILVERTX, 14 BMT, 14C1M03, 14C1M04, 14M04S, 14M04TXS, 14T56TXS, 17011S, 17024S, 17020S, ...Original remote control PRINCESS S89187FOriginal remote control PRINCESS S89187FAvailable between 3 to 4 weeks54.75 € (VAT included)PrincessFor 40TFT1704, ALT3221NXS, MD7000, S89187F, TF20LCD01, BK20LCD, MD5000, S89187F, S8919061791, 21T31PFNXS, EI6187F, 15 LCD B 1, ...Original remote control PRINCESS CXF187FOriginal remote control PRINCESS CXF187FAvailable in more than 4 weeks35.55 € (VAT included)PrincessFor CXF187F, TV29PFLATOriginal remote control PRINCESS KMK01 (Y10187R)Original remote control PRINCESS KMK01 (Y10187R)Not available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor 22CWLE, 26L43LCD, Y 10187 R, 26LCD57X, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, PL9106PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHD, ...Remote control for PRINCESS Y10187R (GNJ0150)Remote control for PRINCESS Y10187R (GNJ0150)Not available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor 22CWLE, 26L43LCD, 26LCD57X, Y 10187 R, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, PL9106PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHD, ...Remote control for PRINCESS Y96187R2 (GNJ0147)Remote control for PRINCESS Y96187R2 (GNJ0147)Not available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor CTV2834KTS / N, 14C1M03, 14C1M04, 14M04S, 14T56TXS, 17011S, 17024S, 17020S, 17022S, 20B9T36TXS, 20M05TXS, 20M06TXS, 20T58TXS, ...Original remote control PRINCESS 12.5Original remote control PRINCESS 12.5Not available(see available equivalences)PrincessOriginal remote control PRINCESS RCL6B (ZR4187R)Original remote control PRINCESS RCL6B (ZR4187R)Not available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor ZR 4187 R, 26LCD57X, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, PL9106PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHD, PL9127PLAZMATVHDREADY, ...Original remote control PRINCESS D3R187FOriginal remote control PRINCESS D3R187FNot available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor 28 A 2505 B, D 3 R 187 F, ZX6187F, D3R187F, XTC 2180 PS, XTC26870S, ZX6187F, D3R187F, NTV21SPF, NTV21SSPF, ZX6187F, D3R187F, ...Original remote control PRINCESS 7UK187FOriginal remote control PRINCESS 7UK187FNot available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor 14.1, 14B9TM01SILVERTX, 14 BMT, 14M04S, 14M04TXS, 20M40S, 20T01NXS, 21B9TG2TXS, AL537XS, AL551XS, AL555XS, AL8000, ...Original remote control PRINCESS X65187ROriginal remote control PRINCESS X65187RNot available(see available equivalences)PrincessOriginal remote control PRINCESS C4A187FOriginal remote control PRINCESS C4A187FNot available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor LCD 1520 KLTNN, 20VL63G, NR 20 CD LE5, 22CWLE, 26L43LCD, Y 10187 R, 26LCD57X, PDP42B43, PDP42P7B43, PL9106PLAZMATV, ...Original remote control PRINCESS LED32GRG5SP(T)Original remote control PRINCESS LED32GRG5SP(T)Not available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor Iris (LED32GRG5SP(T))Original remote control PRINCESS AW-LED32X6FLOriginal remote control PRINCESS AW-LED32X6FLNot available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor AW-LED32X6FL, LGR24D6C(M)-ET, LGR40D5T(Y)-ETOriginal remote control PRINCESS LCB32G5SP-ESiTOriginal remote control PRINCESS LCB32G5SP-ESiTNot available(see available equivalences)PrincessFor 32 Kyro Smart (LCB32G5SP-ESiT)

Replacement Princess remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Princess HVS54515Replacement remote control Princess HVS54515Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)PrincessFor 33TL6SXS, A3704HTS, KT7554MTX, KT7656MSTX, KT7773MNSTX, KT 9142 MTX, KT 9154 MTX, KT9273MSTX, KT 9456 MSTX, KT9542MTX, ...Replacement remote control Princess 14CT8Replacement remote control Princess 14CT8Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)PrincessFor 14 CT 8Replacement remote control Princess 20CT3Replacement remote control Princess 20CT3Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)PrincessFor 20 CT 3Replacement remote control Princess CHASSISPT90Replacement remote control Princess CHASSISPT90Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)PrincessFor CHASSIS PT 90
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