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Remote controls SUPERTECH

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Supertech original remote controls

Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON535Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON535Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor GT 8813-14", GT 88 B, CTV 6314 VR, 6314 VR-14?, 6314 VR-14?, GT 88 B, CTV 1430, CTV 1432, CT 88 B, 6314 VR-14", TVC 1470, ...Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON136Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON136Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor CTV 140 T, STC 2001 X, MD 5102 VT, MD 5502 VT, CTV 9220, MD 5102 VT, MD5502VT, CTV 145 TX, CTV 3636 GR TX, CTV 8259, ...Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON148Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON148Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor GT 8820, GT 8820, GT 8921, TVC 1466 TX, GT 8820, CTV 3701 TXT, CTV 5120 TXT, CTV 5193 TXT, CTV 5501 TXT, CTV 5521 TXT, ...Original remote control SUPERTECH S-1099VA08Original remote control SUPERTECH S-1099VA08Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor TVP 002, TVP 003Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON251Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON251Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor KT 8278 F, KT 8279, KT 8278 F, KT 8279, CTV 1412, SL 414, CTV 134, TVR 004Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON625Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON625Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor CTK 2135, KRB 1570, KRB 1572 F, K-3721 N, KRB 1570, KRB 1572 F, CTV 2632 AVOriginal remote control SUPERTECH REMCON700Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON700Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor KT 3710, MD 3710, MD 3795, MD 5530 VT, MD 3710, MD3795, MD 5530 VT, KT 3710, CTV 5106 VT, CTV 5504 VT, 2024 TXT, 2077 TXTOriginal remote control SUPERTECH 26T1Original remote control SUPERTECH 26T1Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor CTV 1419, CTV 2010, CTV 2019, CTV 2119Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON874Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON874Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor CTV 234, CTV 235, CTV 236Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON960Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON960Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor DMQ 10 B, CTV 2610, DMQ 10 BOriginal remote control SUPERTECH REMCON995Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON995Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor CTV 1412, CTV 1412, CTV 1412, CTV 5122Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON1163Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON1163Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor CTV 3700, CTV 3702, CTV 5100, CTV 5102, CTV 5500Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON1212Original remote control SUPERTECH REMCON1212Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechFor CE 3708, CTV-H 3790 DK, 5180 A, M 3732Photo not availableOriginal remote control SUPERTECH RC 2040Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechPhoto not availableOriginal remote control SUPERTECH RC 34-2Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechPhoto not availableOriginal remote control SUPERTECH RC 7010Not available(see available equivalences)SupertechPhoto not availableOriginal remote control SUPERTECH DV-228Not available(see available equivalences)Supertech

Replacement Supertech remotes
Any replacement remote controls perform all the functions of the original remote control

Replacement remote control Supertech HVS54441Replacement remote control Supertech HVS54441Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)SupertechFor CTV 5504 VTS, CTV 5106 VTSReplacement remote control Supertech CTV 2030Replacement remote control Supertech CTV 2030Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)SupertechFor CTV 2030Replacement remote control Supertech TVP 002Replacement remote control Supertech TVP 002Available in stock22.73 € (VAT included)SupertechFor TVP 002
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